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      Pathfinding in medicine : being the anniversary address delivered before the New York Academy of Medicine, November 19th, 1885 [1]
      Pathological and practical researches on diseases of the stomach, the intestinal canal, the liver, and other viscera of the abdomen [1]
      Pathologisch-Anatomische Sektionsmethode : nach den Grundsatzen des Pathologischen Institutes der Prager Deutschen Universitat [1]
      Pharmacology and therapeutics, preventive medicine. Vol. 6 [1]
      The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America [1]
      The Pharmacy Collection [1]
      The Pharmacy Historical Collection [1]
      Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London ; no. 106. [1]
      Photographic illustrations of skin diseases [1]
      Physicians', dentists' and druggists' directory of Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia [1]
      Physiologie der Hautsinnesnerven [1]
      The physiology of the human body and hygiene [1]
      The pocket cyclopaedia, or, Epitome of universal knowledge: designed for senior scholars in schools, and for young persons in general, containing multifarious and useful inormation on numerous subjects necessary to be known by all persons, yet not to be found in books of general use in schools [1]
      A practical compendium of midwifery: being the course of lectures on midwifery, and on the diseases of women and infants, delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital by the late Robert Gooch, M.D. [1]
      Practical proofs of the soundness of the Hygeian system of physiology [1]
      A practical synopsis of cutaneous diseases, from the most celebrated authors, and particularly from documents afforded by the clinical lectures of Dr. Biett [1]
      A practical treatise on auscultation [1]
      A practical treatise on the management and diseases of children [1]
      Principles of anatomy and physiology. Vol. 2 [1]
      Principles of pathology, and practice of physic. Vol. 1 [1]