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      Observations on the surgical anatomy of the head and neck : illustrated by cases and engravings [1]
      Observations on the surgical pathology and treatment of aneurism, being the substance of a course of lectures on that disease, delivered in the school of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland during the session, 1839-40. Part 1 [1]
      Observations topographical, moral, & physiological: made in a journey through part of the Low-countries, Germany, Italy, and France: with a catalogue of plants not native of England, found spontaneously growing in those parts, and their virtues [1]
      Oeuvres complètes de J. M. Charcot. Tome 3 [1]
      Of a painful affection of the face [1]
      The old English herbals [1]
      On Psoriasis and Lepra [1]
      On the arcus senilis, or, Fatty degeneration of the cornea [1]
      On the progress and present state of the practice of vaccination [1]
      Opera omnia [1]
      Oration delivered by request before the Medical and Surgical Society of Baltimore, Md. : commemorate of Dr. Augustus Frederick Erich [1]
      The Origin and Progress of the Malarial Fever Now Prevalant in New England [1]
      Pathfinding in medicine : being the anniversary address delivered before the New York Academy of Medicine, November 19th, 1885 [1]
      Pathological and practical researches on diseases of the stomach, the intestinal canal, the liver, and other viscera of the abdomen [1]
      Pathologisch-Anatomische Sektionsmethode : nach den Grundsatzen des Pathologischen Institutes der Prager Deutschen Universitat [1]
      Pharmacology and therapeutics, preventive medicine. Vol. 6 [1]
      The Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America [1]
      The Pharmacy Collection [1]
      The Pharmacy Historical Collection [1]
      Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London ; no. 106. [1]