• Benchmarking Summary: COVID-19 Crisis for Working Parents

      Boston College Center for Work & Family (Boston College Center for Work & Family, 2020-11)
      COVID-19 has presented a dramatic challenge for working parents and caregivers. Women’s careers, family stability, the economic recovery, and our efforts to make organizations more equitable and inclusive are all at risk. We wanted to collect information from our members to evaluate how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted working parents, and especially working mothers, and what approaches these organization have taken or plan to take to mitigate these challenges. Boston College's Center for Work & Family has a Workforce Round-table that meets 3x/year to discuss these types of issues and concerns. This brief study was to procure their reactions to the issues of working women and their challenges during this COVID Crisis.
    • Women's Career Advancement Programs: Optimizing Efforts for Better Results

      Viñas, Keila L.; McHugh, Tina Lawler (Boston College Center for Work & Family, 2020-11)
      Long a key component of corporate America's Leadership development and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, women's career advancement programs have proliferated in various forms over the years. These efforts include, for example, mentoring programs, accelerate leadership development training and a variety of work-life supports. Thee initiatives have been developed to address the existing gender imbalance in the workplace and to cultivate women in leadership roles.