• U.S. Businesses Must Take Meaningful Action Against Racism

      Roberts, Laura Morgan; Washington, Ella F. (Harvard Business Review, 2020-06-01)
      More than one pandemic is affecting the lives of people in the United States. While COVID-19 is one issue, racism is another. This article provides guidance on missteps to avoid when addressing inclusion in the workplace, as well as a framework of ways for companies to take meaningful action to show greater compassion for and better support marginalized workers.
    • "We Need to Talk"

      Boissonneault, Daniel (2020-06-05)
      This letter was written by EAPA-CT (Connecticut) Chapter President, Dan Boissonneault, in response to the recent racial protesting in the U.S. after the murder of Mr. George Floyd. In this brief, but powerful letter, Mr. Boissonneault challenges EAPs to do more to influence change in the workplaces that we support as we help work organizations respond to racial injustice and promote healing.