• The 1982 ALMACA Conference on Research Methodology in Occupational Alcoholism

      Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism (U.S.) (1982-04)
    • ALMACA'S First Decade

      Delaney, Thomas J., Jr. (1981)
      The 10th Annual Meeting of the Association of Labor-Management Administrators and Consultants on Alcoholism is a significant event in the history of the occupational alcoholism movement. It signals that the men and women working in our field have been able to sustain a commitment to provide mutual support and education during a period of growth of the profession. Since growth always signifies change, the commitment of the field to its professional organization demonstrates that different philosophies will strengthen ALMACA.
    • Employee Assistance Programs for the New Millennium: Emergence of the Comprehensive Model

      Kurzman, Paul A. (Routledge - Taylor & Francis, 2013-08-27)
      This article reviews the historical evolution of employee assistance programs (EAPs) in the United States over the past 40 years, and concludes that the future of employee assistance lies with its adoption of a Comprehensive Service Program model. To be successful, EAP providers also will need to move away from their current “commodity focus” and “return on investment [ROI] paradigm.” Instead, they must begin to identify the critical functions EAPs perform for work organizations that make them indispensable strategic partners in employers’ universal pursuit of productivity and innovation. To achieve this goal, the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) and Employee Assistance Society of North America (EASNA) must focus on developing a uniform university-based EAP curriculum; moving assertively toward universal state licensure; and actively promoting an evidence-informed, program-based research agenda.
    • Federal Program To Combat Alcoholism In Industry Announced

      United States. Department Of Health, Education, And Welfare
    • The role of mutual aid/self-help in North American occupational assistance: Past, present and future.

      Csiernik, Rick (Employee Assistance Quarterly, 1993-04-02)
      Occupational assistance programming has evolved from welfare capitalism during the 1800's to Occupational Alcoholism Programs, Employee Assistance Programs, to the emerging trend of Worksite Wellness Programming. Instrumental to this evolution has been the self-help movement and its three primary principles. This article reviews the role self-help/mutual aid has had in shaping occupational assistance in North America.