• Trends Report 2016

      Donalson, Todd R.; Sharar, David A., 1961-; Kouri, Pam; Lennox, Richard; Shjerven, Tom (Chestnut Global Partners, 2016-02)
      Once again I’m pleased to share with you the Chestnut Global Partners (CGP) Trends Report. Change remained a constant in 2015 as globalization helped to make our world get just a little bit smaller. The impact of terrorism in France and elsewhere, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the drop in oil prices was felt globally in our living rooms and debated by our politicians. At the same time, the growing 24/7 culture continued to put pressure on the business community to innovate, perhaps nowhere more noticeably than in the health care industry. In this report, CGP examined trends within our own book of business, surveyed EAP colleagues, and analyzed recently published research and survey data in the areas of employee assistance services, behavioral health, and workplace well-being. We have highlighted five trends that caught our eye, offering an analysis and recommendations for best practice implementation.