• Do EAPs Work?

      Attridge, Mark (Health Enhancement Research Organization, 2019-02-12)
      General Theme of Conference: Psychological Safety at Work: What Happens When More Voices Are Heard? The presentation reviews empirical studies to answer the following six questions of interest to employers: Q1 = How many employers have EAPs? Q2 = Why are EAPs needed? Q3 = Why do employers buy EAP? Q4 = Who buys EAP? Q5 = Where is the evidence on EAP Effectiveness? Q6 = How do companies get their EAP to be more effective?
    • A Global Perspective on Promoting Workplace Mental Health and the Role of Employee Assistance Programs

      Attridge, Mark (2019-04)
      This is a literature review article. It highlights the epidemiological prevalence rate data for mental health and substance disorders from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and globally. I also describe how the workplace can both hurt and help employees. The growth of employee assistance programs (EAP) globally is noted, including key trends in program use and global evidence documenting the effectiveness of brief counseling on workplace outcomes (particularly for reducing employee presenteeism). Finally, 21 leading organizations are profiled that are active in supporting workplace mental health in different parts of the world and select key resources of interest on their websites.