• Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): An Allied Profession for Work/Life

      Frey, Jodi J; Attridge, Mark (Work and Family Researchers Network, Sloan Network Encyclopedia, 2010-07-01)
      This entry examines the major theories, policies, and best practices related to designing and administering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). An emphasis is placed on the dual roles of EAP to support both individual employees and also the employer work organizations. To accomplish these goals, EAPs often partner with other strategic work organizations including work-life, human resources, management, occupational health, and medical departments.
    • A Longitudinal Lens on the Evolution of EAP, Work-life and Wellness Benefit Programs

      Herlihy, Patricia A.; Zullo, Roland; Heirich, Max A. (World@Work, 2010-09-01)
      How have employee assistance (EAP), work- life and wellness programs changed in the businesses that were recognized as “family friendly” 15 years earlier? Harsh economic conditions have threatened discretionary benefits that positively affect talent recruitment, retention, employee produc- tivity and corporate image over this very same time period (Smyth et al. 2009). Thus, the authors investigated these changes in three progressive benefits programs in light of the economic and sociological changes that had occurred in the interim. EAPs provide counseling for substance abuse and other mental health issues; work-life encompasses programs that help employees balance the demands of family and work; while wellness programs aim at improving employees’ overall physical health with the goal of decreasing health-care costs. The label “family-friendly” is used throughout this paper for benefits plans involving some mix of EAP, work-life and wellness offerings.
    • A Longitudinal Lens on the Evolution of EAP, Work-Life and Wellness Benefit Programs: Published Article and Supporting Documents

      Heirich, Max A.; Herlihy, Patricia A.; Zullo, Roland; Mulvihill, Michael D. (2010)
      The University of Michigan Research Team from the Worker Health Program and Labor Studies Center, Institute for Research on Labor, Employment and the Economy has been studying various Benefit Delivery Models specifically in the areas of EAP, W/L and Wellness programs for the last 5 years. This document is a compilation of information procured during the various phases of this research project.