• A Book of Readings

      Mermis, William L. (1995)
      In February 1985, the Employee Assistance Program for Arizona State was initiated by this author. I was contacted by the president of the newly formed University of Career Women, and editor of this newsletter. The "Network" was in need of a regular professorial columnist, and the new EAP needed visibility and marketing for outreach and education. What a wonderful "win-win" opportuity for both of us, and the university community. Six years and 18 columns later, the result is the following compilation of articles on a wide range of topics.
    • Employee Views of Organizational Wellness and the EAP: Influence on Substance Use, Drinking Climates, and Policy Attitudes

      Bennett, Joel B.; Lehman, Wayne E. K. (1997)
      This study examined the influence on substance use of organizational wellness and of attitudes toward the EAP. We developed the Organizational Wellness Scale (OWS) to assess perceptions of healthy (e.g., respectful) and addictive (e.g., workaholic) work climates. Employees from a municipal organization (N = 780) who scored high on the OWS reported less personal and co-worker substance use and enabling behaviors, and more favorable attitudes towards substance use policies. Results suggest that, beyond the influence of the EAP, work site health may effect both individual and work group substance use. Using the OWS, health service providers could benefit from monitoring the impact of organizational wellness on individual and work group health.