• EAP & Work-Life Integration: Research Update and Case Study of Tutoring

      Attridge, Mark (Employee Assistance Professionals Association, 2015-09-30)
      My new column "Integration Insights" published quarterly in the Journal of Employee Assistance in 2015, recognizes that a majority of EAPs now also offer both work-life and wellness services. Collaboration with these other programs offer opportunities for EAPs to provide added business value. Implications are discussed for how program integration and expansion of services enhances the EAP partnership with multiple areas within the organization. Employer case studies are reviewed. This presentation also focuses on employee and family educational support and tutoring services as a new kind of partner program. Findings are presented from a literature review white paper and a survey of 345 employees concerning their child’s use of an online private tutoring service at a Fortune 100 company.
    • Private Online Tutoring for Working Families: Literature Review and Employer Case Study

      Attridge, Mark; Miller, Kenneth (2014)
      This Note begins with a summary of key points from a recent white paper that reviews the research literature on offering private educational tutoring as a corporate benefit for employees and their family members. We describe what motivates employers to offer it as a benefit, the nature of the service, and the modern online delivery context. We then present highlights of a 2014 survey of 345 employees from a Fortune 100 company, all of which had one or more of their children as users of an online private tutoring service during the past year. Results are presented concerning a profile of the users, effects of service use on user scholastic outcomes, and the impact of family use of tutoring on workplace outcomes for the employee/parent (recruitment, absenteeism, presenteeism, and retention) and their general attitudes toward the company culture. This research suggests that private tutoring is highly valued by employee users and deserves further consideration as a new kind of benefit to augment the existing suite of EAP and Work-Life services.