• Evaluating Employee Assistance Programs

      Masi, Dale A. (Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, 1997)
      This article provides a review and conceptual framework for the evaluation of social work and other services provided by employee assistance programs (EAPs). A discussion of the unique challenges and opportunities afforded in the evaluation of EAP services is also presented.
    • The Evaluation of Employee Assistance Programs

      Masi, Dale A.; Goff, Michelle E. (Washington, D.C. : International Personnel Management Association, 1987)
      As employee assistance programs have gained popularity, more and more managers are asking for ways to prove that EAPs are cost-effective. Out of that need, the field of EAP evaluation was born. The author discusses the growing field of EAP evaluation-both qualitative and quantitative-and also raises some of the confidentiality issues that arise when third-party evaluations of EAP services are conducted.