• “The Great Attrition” - Wednesday EAPA Calls

      McNutt, Bryan R. (2021-10-27)
      These are a set of slides used for the EAPA Wednesday call on October 27th, 2021 around the topic of the Great Resignation: “Recent data from economic, business, and labor sectors indicates that the U.S. workforce is experiencing one of the most significant periods of job transition and change on record. Nearly 20 million U.S. workers have quite their job since April 2021. The “Great Attrition” or “Great Resignation” is impacting the workforce across industries, and many organizational leaders are struggling with how to adapt to the rapid fluctuation and change. The disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to millions of Americans reevaluating their working lives and reconsidering different priorities for their overall wellbeing: more flexibility with work schedules, hirer wages, more meaningful work. A majority of workers are considering changing jobs, and many cite burnout as a reason for that change. A recent report from McKinsey & Co (2021) has highlighted the disconnect of perception between employers and employees in understanding the primary concerns driving decisions surrounding job satisfaction and employee needs. EAPs find themselves right in the middle of this evolving change across the workforce, which reveals another shift in the crossroads between employer-employee-labor relations. EAPs have an opportunity to help bridge the gap of understanding through their consultative guidance with organizational leadership and labor representation, as well as continued support of individual employees.”