• Fitness for Duty: Does Your Company's Policy Pass the Test?

      Cagney, Tamara (Employee Assistance Professionals Association, 1998-07)
    • An In-Depth Survey on Drugs Testing: What Are Other Companies Doing? What You Must Know to Set Up and Enforce an Effective Anti-Drug Program

      Masi, Dale A. (Englewood Cliffs NJ: Prentice Hall, 1988)
      How prevalent is drug screening in the American workplace? What happens to employees who test positive for drug use? How effective is employee testing in combatting the drug problem? I n response to these important questions, the American Management Association (AMA) developed a systematic study designed to obtain baseline data on the company response to drug abuse, with a particular emphasis on drug screening.
    • Medication Safety for Flight Attendants - FADAP

      Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) (2015-08-15)
      This video provides an overview of safety sensitive position requirements regarding medication safety for flight attendants. The video provides examples of how to talk to medical providers and how to avoid pitfalls of self medicating when in pain or having trouble with sleep. Strategies for safety medication management are discussed.
    • Model Plan for a Comprehensive Drug-Free Workplace Program

      United States. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (1989-01-01)
      The Executive Order 12564 recognized that illegal drug use is seriously impairing a portion of the national work force, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars each year. As the largest employer in the Nation, the Federal Government has a compelling proprietary interest in establishing reasonable conditions of employment. Prohibiting employee drug use is one such condition. The [Agency] is concerned with the well-being of its employees, the 6 successful accomplishment of agency missions, and the need to maintain employee productivity. The intent of the policy is to offer a helping hand to those who need it, while sending a clear message that any illegal drug use is, quite simply, incompatible with Federal service.
    • Urinalysis Testing and EAPs

      Masi, Dale A.; Burns, Laura E. (Performance Resource Press, Inc., 1986-10)