• Letter written by Don Phillips to Charlie Williams - Recounting the HIstory of EAP & NIAAA

      Phillips, Don A. (2003)
      Letter from Don Phillips, EAP occupational program consultant, to Charlie Williams which begins with: I decided to write a history of the EA field from my perspective. It includes a good bit of NIAAA history also. While this is really, really long with parts that you have no interest in, thought I'd send it to you. The basic question I was grappling with was -- Was the program shift from occupational alcoholism to employee assistance the right move? The secondary question was how successful are programs at reaching the most troubled employees. This ends with my conclusions to these questions. Don
    • Urinalysis Testing and EAPs

      Masi, Dale A.; Burns, Laura E. (Performance Resource Press, Inc., 1986-10)