• 100 Years Later: Baltimore and the Spanish Flu

      Wink, Tara; Chen, Wilbur H.; Kast, Sheilah (Baltimore, MD : WYPR (National Public Radio), 2018-09-12)
      One hundred years ago, the Spanish flu marched across the globe, leaving between 50 and 100 million people dead in its wake. An exhibit The 1918 Flu Epidemic and Baltimore: 100 Years Later, at the Frieda O. Weise Gallery on the University of Maryland Baltimore campus, chronicles what was going on in the city. Professor Wilbur Chen, a vaccine development specialist, tells us how the flu spreads, and how to prevent it. And Tara Wink, UMB librarian and archivist, offers takeaways from what she learned in compiling the exhibit (from the WYPR website).
    • Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race exhibition

      Bachrach, Susan D., 1948-; Hall, Tom (Musician) (2014-04-07)
      Tom Hall tours "Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race," an exhibit at the University of Maryland, Baltimore that examines eugenics—and how it’s affected today's medical ethics. He is joined by Susan Bachrach, curator for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. "Deadly Medicine" is a traveling exhibit produced by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. The exhibit will be on display at UMB’s Health Sciences and Human Services Library until April 30. The library is located at 601 West Lombard St., Baltimore, 21201. (From the WYPR 88.1 Web page http://wypr.org/post/deadly-medicine-exhibit-university-maryland-Baltimore.)
    • Spanish Flu Outbreak : flyer

      University of Maryland, Baltimore. Health Sciences and Human Services Library (2018)