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      Center for Global Education Project: The Gambia 2018 [1]
      Center for Global Education Project: Zambia 2018 [1]
      Characterization of antibiotic use at University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia [1]
      Client Evaluation of Peer Counselor Performance in a Rural PMTCT Program in Nigeria [1]
      Community Engagement and Health Promotion in Senior Housing [1]
      Community-Based Engagement and Learning Faculty Fellows [1]
      A Comparative Analysis of Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreak Preparedness and Response in Costa Rica and the U.S. [1]
      CVD-UMB and CVD-Mali since 2001 [1]
      Equitable Exchanges in American Medicine: From Ideals to Reality [1]
      Expanding and Evaluating an Oral Health Awareness Initiative Utilizing a Non- Dental Professional Workforce in Resource Challenged Communities in Rwanda [1]
      Experiences of Black UMB Students, Scholars, and Alumni [1]
      First assessment of injection drug use practices and associated HIV risks in Kigali, Rwanda [1]
      From Multidisciplinary to Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Global Health: A Case Study of the University of Maryland Global Health Interprofessional Council’s Malawi Project (2013) [1]
      Global Health Inter-Professional Council Summer Interdisciplinary Student Project-Malawi 2011 [1]
      Global Health – The Lessons of Ebola: Two Universities Join to Teach an International Audience Via an Inter-Professional Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) [1]
      Global to Local [1]
      Haifa Project: Global interprofessional health program in Haifa, Israel: 2014-2017 [1]
      Health as a Human Right in the United States: What COVID-19 Has Exposed [1]
      Health Learning Parties [1]
      Health System Strengthening in The Gambia: A Continuation of Prior Work [1]