• Maryland Young Adult Survey on Alcohol: 2016: Summary Report

      Shaya, Fadia T.; Sealfon, Nicole; Gibson, Marianne; Stinchcomb, Kimberly; Gaitonde, Priyanka (2017-01)
      This report provides a summary of findings from the Maryland Young Adult Survey on Alcohol (MYSA). Alcohol misuse is a growing public health concern across the US with a multitude of negative outcomes. Maryland is no exception; in 2013, 150,000 Marylanders ages 12-20 reported consuming alcohol in the past month and over 1 million ages 12 and over reported binge drinking in the past month (1). Alcohol-related fatalities in Maryland, which includes deaths due to multi-drug use, have risen to up to 270 in 2014 (4). In the 18-25-year-old age group, 83,000 Marylanders reported alcohol dependence or abuse in 2013 (1). In an effort to address underage drinking, binge drinking, and the associated consequences, Maryland launched the Maryland Strategic Prevention Framework 1 (MSPF1) in 24 jurisdictions and MSPF2 in 9 jurisdictions. MSPF is funded by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) and implemented in collaboration with University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy (UMSOP). The MYSA was conducted to provide data for the needs assessment conducted by jurisdictions participating in MSPF2. The objective of this survey was to collect statewide practices, perceptions, and associated behaviors surrounding alcohol use. Over 6,500 Marylanders participated. Key findings include: Alcohol Use: Almost 90% of respondents reported using alcohol in the past month. Approximately 55% of respondents reported binge drinking and 17.65 report heavy alcohol use in the past month. Drinking and Driving: The majority of those who reported driving under the influence were in the 21-25 age group. Risky Behaviors/Consequences of Drinking: In the past 12 months, the most common consequences of drinking reported were blacking out, doing something regretful, or having unprotected sex. The majority of those who reported experiencing consequences of drinking or risky behavior also reported binge drinking more than 5 days a month. Poly-Drug Use: Marijuana is the drug most commonly paired with alcohol consumption. The least common is heroin. After a brief overview of the alcohol misuse problem in Maryland, this report presents highlights of the MYSA findings. Specifically, we have provided data on alcohol consumption as well as consequences of drinking, risky behaviors, and poly-drug use.