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  • University of Maryland, Baltimore Strategic Plan (Proposed) FY2011-2016

    The University of Maryland, Baltimore (“University”) has a long, illustrious history of achieving excellence and providing benefit to the state. However, the University finds itself, like all institutions of higher education, in challenging times. These challenges provide great opportunities. This strategic plan is designed to take advantage of these opportunities. This strategic plan and the planning process would not have been possible without the superb foundational work done in each school and administrative unit. It is the excellent work done here over the previous years that enabled the University to engage so fully in the process. Introduction We created our strategic plan in careful alignment with the University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents’ strategic plan. Our plan enhances the effectiveness of our redefined collaboration—MPowering the State—with the University of Maryland, College Park. We look forward to collaborating with our USM colleagues, the University of Maryland Medical System, and our many community, state, and national partners. This strategic plan process began with a charge to the University from President Jay A. Perman, MD. He wrote: “Dear colleagues and friends, our University has achieved many wonderful things in its illustrious history. Still, I believe the University’s greatest achievements are in its future. We need a strategic plan to assist us in reaching our collective goals. This plan cannot be the staid effort that we envision when we hear the term ‘strategic plan.’ This plan must bring our strengths and values together to make us greater than the sum of our parts. This will require an effort that is broadly inclusive, engaging our faculty, staff, students, partners, and communities. We need an innovative forward-thinking plan to 2 ensure that the University reaches its full potential as leaders in higher education, research, service, and community engagement. This must be an action-oriented plan that directs us for the next five years and shapes our future for 10 years.” This following plan is designed to be the University’s operational plan for the next five years, and to guide it for 10 years. In addition, in the third year of the plan, the University will complete an environmental scan and trend analysis to determine whether any course alterations are needed in plan implementation. This plan was created from the work of more than 140 faculty, staff, students, partners, and friends who dedicated tremendous time and energy to its completion. In addition, hundreds more participated in town halls, interactive feedback sessions, focus groups, surveys, and online feedback. The participation was exceptional, but perhaps more impressive is the genuine enthusiasm at all levels for moving the University forward. The University will now build on its rich 200-year history of leadership and accomplishment, and take its next great step. Together, the University is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore Strategic Plan FY2006-FY2010

    Our Vision for the Future: The University of Maryland, Baltimore is the state’s public academic health and law university devoted to excellence in professional and graduate education, research, public service and patient care. • We educate leaders in health care delivery, biomedical science, social services and the law. • We carry out internationally recognized research to cure disease and to improve the health, social functioning and treatment of the people we serve. • We are committed to ensuring that the knowledge we generate provides maximum benefit to society.