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      Merry Holiday Recipes: Presented by Staff Council [1]
      Nurse Practitioner-led Education for Hospice and Palliative care in a Mobile Integrated Health Community Paramedicine program [1]
      Nursing Process Change with Task Reminder to Improve Inpatient Colonoscopies [1]
      Oxygen Therapy in Normoxic Patients With Confirmed or Suspected Myocardial Infarction & Acute Coronary Syndrome [1]
      Paired Spontaneous Awakening Trial and Spontaneous Breathing Trial Protocol Implementation [1]
      Post-Operative Urinary Tract Infection Reduction: Discharge Bundle Implementation in Outpatient Urogynecology Patients [1]
      Prophylactic Probiotics for Necrotizing Enterocolitis [1]
      Reliability and Validity of the UMove Mobility Screen [1]
      The Role of the Oncology Nurse Navigator and its Effect on Patient Satisfaction [1]
      Screening, Brief Intervention and Treatment in a Latina Immigrant Prenatal Clinic [1]
      Simulation to Improve Confidence among Newly Licensed Nurses in Pediatric Intensive Care [1]
      Social Determinants of Health Screening in a Suburban Primary Care Setting [1]
      Statewide Universal Onboarding [1]
      Targeted Multiple Intervention and Tailoring Interventions for Patient Safety (TIPS) Fall Prevention [1]
      Treating Chronic Pain: Therapeutic Music in Palliative Care [1]
      Using a Sepsis Screening Tool in Triage in the Pediatric Emergency Department [1]
      Violence Prevention Training and Workplace Violence [1]
      Violence Risk Assessment Tool: Dynamic Appraisal of Situational Aggression-Inpatient Version [1]
      When is the Right Time to Bathe a Newborn Baby [1]
      You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention: Understanding the Burden of HPV Disease, the Importance of the HPV Vaccine Recommendation, and Communicating about HPV Vaccination [1]