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      The Effect of Early Mobilization in the ICU on Hospital Length of Stay [1]
      Effect of Nurse Residency Programs on Newly Licensed Nurse Retention [1]
      Effectiveness of Delayed Newborn Baths on Exclusive Breastfeeding [1]
      Effects of Music on Pain and Opioid Analgesic Administration in Postoperative Orthopedic Patients [1]
      Embedding IPE: It's Easier Than You Think [1]
      Enhanced Recovery after Cesarean Delivery Clinical Practice Guideline: Intraoperative Interventions [1]
      Enhancing Nurse Leadership Capacity in Resource-Limited Countries [1]
      The Episodic Tool: An Innovative Approach to Teach Clinical Decision Making to DNP Students in Advanced Health Assessment across the Lifespan [1]
      Evaluating Nurse-led Adjuvant Therapeutic Interventions in Ketamine Treatment for Treatment Resistant Major Depressive Disorder (TRD/MDD) [1]
      Factors Impacting Healthcare Worker Knowledge and Confidence in Elastomeric Half Mask Respirator Use [1]
      Factors Influence Parents’ Willingness to Consent Pediatric Clinial Trial and Possible Cnl Interventions [1]
      Factors Influence Parents’ Willingness to Consent Pediatric Clinical Trial and Possible Cnl Interventions [1]
      Future Oriented Academic-Service Partnerships for Nurse Educational Advancement [1]
      Healthcare Respiratory Protection Gap Leads to Development of Elastomeric Respirator Implementation Guide [1]
      High-Fidelity End-of-Life Simulation for Nursing Students [1]
      The Impact of Short Messaging System on Glycemic Control [1]
      Implementation & Evaluation of a Diaper Dermatitis Treatment Algorithm for Neonates [1]
      Implementation of a Behavioral Pain Scale for Traumatic Brain Injured Patients [1]
      Implementation of a Discharge Readiness Assessment Tool [1]
      Implementation of a Functional Capacity Assessment in Adults with Heart Failure [1]