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      Condescension Over Use of 'Dr.' Title Reeks of Misogyny [1]
      Crossing the Chasm: A Pilot Study for Preparing PT’s for Telehealth through IPE and Simulation [1]
      Depression Screening Protocol for MS Patients in a Neurology Clinic (Poster) [1]
      Designing Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum Experiences to Inform Doctoral Project Development [1]
      Embedding IPE: It's Easier Than You Think [1]
      Enhanced Recovery after Cesarean Delivery Clinical Practice Guideline: Intraoperative Interventions [1]
      Enhancing Nurse Leadership Capacity in Resource-Limited Countries [1]
      Future Oriented Academic-Service Partnerships for Nurse Educational Advancement [1]
      Healthcare Respiratory Protection Gap Leads to Development of Elastomeric Respirator Implementation Guide [1]
      Implementation of a Behavioral Pain Scale for Traumatic Brain Injured Patients [1]
      Implementation of a Functional Capacity Assessment in Adults with Heart Failure [1]
      Implementing Exercise and Healthy Nutrition Groups in an Inpatient Behavioral Health Setting [1]
      Improving Maternal Child Health through Improved Prediction of Critical Thinking in Maternity Nurses [1]
      Improving Medication Adherence Among Diabetes Patients Utilizing Mobile App and Pamphlet [1]
      Improving Nurse-Nurse Communication to Reduce Patient Bounce-Back [1]
      Improving Primary Care Engagement of Clients in an Outpatient Behavioral Health Center [1]
      Increasing Humanpapilloma Virus Vaccination Rates Among Adolescents in Primary Care [1]
      Integration of TeamSTEPPS Framework and Escape Room to Improve Teamwork and Collaboration [1]
      An Interprofessional Collaboration To Implement Diabetes Screening In A University Dental Hygiene Clinic [1]
      Merry Holiday Recipes: Presented by Staff Council [1]