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    • A Brief History of UMB African American Student Organizations

      Wink, Tara (2021-02-23)
      This blog post, written for Black History Month 2021, highlights the history of African American Student Organizations in each of the schools at the University of Maryland. The groups have worked to help make the UMB campus more inclusive and diverse. Many of these organizations were founded in the late 1960s and 1970s and continue to operate on campus today.
    • UMB and the United States Presidency: Faculty and Alumni Ties to the Country’s Highest Office

      Wink, Tara (2021-02-15)
      In celebration of President’s Day 2021, Historical Collections highlights the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s connections to the United States Presidency. With a founding date of 1807, UMB is just thirty-one years shy of sharing a birthyear with the United States and with a home in Baltimore a mere thirty-eight miles from Washington, D.C. it is not surprising to find ties to the U.S. Presidency. The blog post outlines Dr. Robley Dunglison, Dr. Henry Albert Parr, and Dr. James Julius Richardson, and their ties to the highest U.S. Office.
    • A History of the UMB Presidency

      Wink, Tara (2021-01-20)
      The University of Maryland, Baltimore has a long history beginning in 1807 with the founding of the College of Medicine of Maryland. In that history, the campus has had 26 leaders serving as president, provost, and chancellor. This post written for the 2021 United States Presidential Inauguration highlights the history of the campus and its leaders from 1807 to the present.
    • Common Holiday Spices, Flavors, and Nuts and their Traditional Medicinal Qualities

      Wink, Tara (2020-12-21)
      The holiday and winter seasons have common ingredients, usually with bold, warming flavors. The holiday bread, cookie, and cake recipes call for spices and flavorings like nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, and clove or nuts like walnuts and almonds. Historically however, these ingredients were prescribed for a variety of ailments in botanicals and herbals. This post highlights a few of these ingredients from botanicals in the Health Sciences and Human Services Library's Historical Collections Department.
    • A Look at Winter Fruits and their Medicinal Qualities from Select Historical Botanicals

      Wink, Tara (2020-12-15)
      A blog post written to highlight the medicinal uses of winter fruits perscribed in historical botanicals. Lemons, oranges, pomegranates, these are all fruits associated with winter and the holiday season. Today we eat them as desserts or in desserts or in cocktails. These fruits bring a sense of freshness to the winter months. While today these fruits are important for a balanced and flavorful diet; in the 17th through the early 19th centuries, these fruits were often prescribed in botanicals for a variety of medicinal purposes. Botanicals are a form of book published to illustrate plant species and their medicinal value. The HSHSL’s Historical Collections Department is home to a large collection of Botanicals as part of our historic Pharmacy Collection. These volumes were used by the early UMB schools to teach pharmacists and doctors the value of plants for medicinal purposes.
    • 1984 HSHSL Cookbook Looks to Spice up your Thanksgiving and Holidays

      Wink, Tara (2020-11-25)
      Featuring recipes from the Health Sciences and Human Services Library's 1984 cookbook, this post was written to inspire new Thanksgiving and Holiday meals in 2020. The 1984 Cookbook is available in the UMB Digital Archive:
    • Remembering Dr. Burt Jacob Asper, School of Medicine Class of 1911 on Veteran’s Day

      Wink, Tara (2020-11-11)
      Dr. Burt Jacob Asper graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Medicine in 1911. He joined the Navy soon after the United States entered World War I. He was assigned as assistant surgeon to the ill-fated U.S.S. Cyclops, which disappeared somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle in March 1918.
    • Medical Illustrators and Illustrations in the HS/HSL’s Historical Collections

      Wink, Tara (2020-09-21)
      The Historical Collections Department in the HS/HSL houses the library’s rare books, special collections, and some UMB archives. Included in the rare book collection are works by influential and early anatomists and medical illustrators. The collections date back to the 15th century. This post highlights a selection of the medical illustrators in the digital archive and historical collections at UMB.
    • 1920: A look back at the Graduate School 100 Years Ago

      Wink, Tara (2020-10-16)
      In 1920 the University of Maryland Graduate School was only a two-year-old institution (the school was established during the 1918-1919 academic year). The Graduate School was founded at the Maryland State College of Agriculture in College Park, which merged with the University of Maryland (Baltimore) in 1920 forming two campuses under the UM name. The Graduate School oversaw all students taking graduate coursework at the University of Maryland and remained at College Park after the merger in 1920. The post describes the expectations of students for the graduate school as well as the costs associated with the school.
    • 1920: A Look Back at the School of Nursing (SON) 100 Years Ago

      Wink, Tara (2020-10-09)
      The School of Nursing was founded in 1889 in the University of Maryland University Hospital. The school was under the leadership of a superintendent of nurses and was part of the School of Medicine. When the Maryland State College of Agriculture (College Park) and the University of Maryland (Baltimore) merged in 1920, the School of Nursing became its own entity but remained under the administrative control of the University Hospital. This post outlines the cost of attendance, matriculation requirements, and the makeup of the student and faculty body in the 1920-21 academic year.
    • 1920: A Look back at the School of Pharmacy 100 Years ago

      Wink, Tara (2020-10-02)
      When the 1920 merger between the University of Maryland (Baltimore) and the Maryland State Agricultural School (College Park) occured the Department of Pharmacy became the School of Pharmacy. The academic year 1920-21 was a year of growth and advancement for the new school. This post describes the School of Pharmacy's student and faculty body, the cost of attendance, as well as matriculation requirements.
    • 1920: A Look back at the School of Dentistry 100 Years ago

      Wink, Tara (2020-09-25)
      In the 1920-21 academic year the University of Maryland School of Dentistry was entering into its 39th session. It was established as a department in the School of Medicine in 1882. In 1920 the University of Maryland (in Baltimore) had merged with the Maryland State College of Agriculture. The post describes the school in 1920 including costs associated with attending, matriculation requirements and the makeup of the student body.
    • 1920: A look back at the School of Medicine 100 Years Ago

      Wink, Tara (2020-09-18)
      In 1920 the School of Medicine (SOM) was beginning its 113th academic year. The 1920-21 academic year marked the first as a public institution following its merger with the Maryland State College of Agriculture (College Park). The post describes the matriculation requirements and cost of attendance as well as the make-up of the student body and faculty in 1920.
    • 1920: A look back at the University of Maryland 100 Years Ago

      Wink, Tara (2020-09-11)
      This post marks the beginning of a series of posts looking at UMB in the academic school year 1920-1921. It describes the merger of the University of Maryland (Baltimore) and the Maryland State College of Agriculture (College Park) under the University of Maryland name. The post outlines the student and faculty body and describes the Baltimore campus.
    • Play Ball! The University of Maryland Nine vs. the Orioles, April 13, 1898

      Wink, Tara (2020-07-02)
      In April 1898, a unique opportunity occurred allowing the University of Maryland (Baltimore) Baseball Team to play the professional Orioles Baseball Team, at what was then Union Park in Baltimore. The team was composed of members of the School of Denistry, Law and Medicine.
    • Health: A Poem by the Physician Poet Edward Baynard

      Wink, Tara (2020-04-22)
      Blog post highlighting Health: A Poem written by Dr. Edward Baynard, an 17th century physician and poet. The poem is meant to provide helpful advice to maintain health and wellness.
    • The Legacy of Florence Nightingale at UMB

      Wink, Tara (2020-05-12)
      The blog post outlines the history of the "Flossie" Nursing Cap tradition at the University of Maryland School of Nursing.
    • Recognizing Nurses with a historic poem this National Nurses Week

      Wink, Tara (2020-05-06)
      The blog post features a poem from UMB's 1905 Bones, Molars, and Briefs Yearbook. The poem highlights the work of nurses. It honored nurses during National Nurses Week 2020.
    • “Her Smile” a Poem by Dr. Bert E. Doyle

      Wink, Tara (2020-05-29)
      The blog highlights the poem, "Her Smile" written by Dr. Bert E. Doyle, School of Dentistry class of 1904. The blog highlights the many unique things found in the University's yearbooks.
    • The University Ode: A Celebration of UMB Poetry

      Wink, Tara (2020-04-13)
      The piece highlights The University Ode for National Poetry Month, April 2020. Historical Collections houses a well-loved copy of The University Ode, a piece written for the Alumni Association by Dr. Eugene F. Cordell with music by Dr. Theodore Hemberger. It also highlights the University of Maryland Musical Association, an organization founded by Dr. John C. Hemmeter and directed by Dr. Hemberger.