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      COVID-19 and Lessons to be Learned from Prior Coronavirus Outbreaks [1]
      COVID-19 and Solid Organ Transplantation: A Review Article. [1]
      COVID-19 and the RAAS-a potential role for angiotensin II? [1]
      COVID-19 as an occupational disease [1]
      COVID-19 Associated Hypercoagulability: Manifestations, Mechanisms, and Management [1]
      COVID-19 biomarkers and their overlap with comorbidities in a disease biomarker data model [1]
      COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths averted under an accelerated vaccination program in northeastern and southern regions of the USA. [1]
      COVID-19 in Adults With Congenital Heart Disease [1]
      COVID-19 Infection Among Women in Iran Exposed vs Unexposed to Children Who Received Attenuated Poliovirus Used in Oral Polio Vaccine [1]
      COVID-19 information in news media: room for greater transparency [1]
      Covid-19 lessons learned from the voices of our geriatric nurses: Leadership, resilience, and heroism [1]
      The COVID-19 Menace [1]
      COVID-19 Outbreaks in US Immigrant Detention Centers: The Urgent Need to Adopt CDC Guidelines for Prevention and Evaluation. [1]
      The COVID-19 pandemic and death anxiety in the elderly [1]
      COVID-19 pandemic and health anxiety among nurses of intensive care units [1]
      COVID-19 Pandemic and Management of Chronic Pain in Nursing Homes [1]
      Covid-19 pandemic and the ethical challenges in patient care [1]
      COVID-19 Pandemic Hemoperfusion Therapy Versus Plasma Exchange Therapy in Intensive Care [1]
      COVID-19 pandemic reveals the peril of ignoring metadata standards [1]
      COVID-19 preparedness: capacity to manufacture vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics in sub-Saharan Africa [1]