• Ramatroban for chemoprophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19: David takes on Goliath.

      Chiang, Kate C; Rizk, John G; Nelson, Deanna J; Krishnamurti, Lakshmanan; Subbian, Selvakumar; Imig, John D; Khan, Imran; Reddy, Srinivasa T; Gupta, Ajay (Taylor and Francis Inc., 2022-02-22)
      In COVID-19 pneumonia, there is a massive increase in fatty acid levels and lipid mediators with a predominance of cyclooxygenase metabolites, notably TxB2 ≫ PGE2 > PGD2 in the lungs, and 11-dehydro-TxB2, a TxA2 metabolite, in the systemic circulation. While TxA2 stimulates thromboxane prostanoid (TP) receptors, 11-dehydro-TxB2 is a full agonist of DP2 (formerly known as the CRTh2) receptors for PGD2. Anecdotal experience of using ramatroban, a dual receptor antagonist of the TxA2/TP and PGD2/DP2 receptors, demonstrated rapid symptomatic relief from acute respiratory distress and hypoxemia while avoiding hospitalization.