• Post-acute long-term care COVID-19 medication optimization survey: Informing medication management initiatives.

      Kim, Catherine; Francis, Emily; Kim, Woo Ree; Brandt, Nicole (Elsevier, 2022-02-14)
      The Medication Management Guide (MMG) provides guidance on strategies to optimize medication management in PA-LTC and simplify administration to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the utility of the MMG, determine the barriers and facilitators of the MMG implementation in PALTC sites to help inform future research and initiatives. Individuals who accessed MMG during the pandemic (April 2020-March 2021) were contacted to elicit feedback on this tool via an online survey. The survey response rate was 7.7% (156/2,018) after three rounds of emails. Respondents consisted of 31% (n=49) pharmacists, 27% (n=42) physicians, 11% (n=18) nurses, and 12% (n=19) nurse practitioners. The “Other” respondents (11%, n=17) included dieticians (n=4), physician assistants (n=3), pharmacy technicians (n=3), students (n=1), consultants (n=1), and educators (n=2). From these respondents, 77% (n=122) took tactics to optimize medications at their facilities during COVID-19.