• Ethical dilemmas related to the covid-19 pandemic. A perspective. [Perspectiva de los dilemas éticos relacionados con la pandemia covid-19.]

      Vizcaíno, G.; Esparza, J. (Instituto de Investigaciones Clinicas, 2020)
      Facing the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, known worldwide as COVID-19, constitutes a huge challenge, which must be addressed on multiple aspects of this disease. It is surprising how quickly the SARS-CoV-2 virus has spread globally, it is the pandemic that today occupies all the world attention not only in the medical epidemiological aspects but also in its consequences on geopolitics, the economy and society in general. The scientific information since the pandemic was carried out has been increasing daily in a remarkable way, its epidemiology, mode of transmission, clinical manifestations, laboratory diagnosis, allopathic medical treatments have been published, and several vaccines are on-going in phase 3 from various laboratories in different countries as a measure to the prevention of this disease. In addition, this pandemic brings together a series of ethical dilemmas both in public health decisions, vulnerable populations, research protocols and in the development in the health care of patients affected by this infection. The resolution of the ethical conflicts that have been arisen in the COVID-19 pandemic, should take as reference the Bioethical guidelines published by international organizations (WHO/PAHO) and centers, national or institutional committees dedicated to the field of Bioethics. This would allow responsible action in the face of the pandemic without harming human rights and the individual and social well-being. Copyright 2020, Instituto de Investigaciones Clinicas. All rights reserved.