• People aging with HIV - protecting a population vulnerable to effects of COVID-19 and its control measures.

      Schmalzle, Sarah A; Viviano, Nicole A; Mohanty, Kareshma; Palmeiro, Robyn M; Hoffmann, Jennifer D; Sheth-Pandit, Neha; Gruber-Baldini, Ann; Stafford, Kristen A (Taylor and Francis Inc., 2021-12-24)
      Certain comorbidities known to increase the risk of poor outcomes in COVID-19 exist at higher rates in people with HIV; people aging with HIV (PAWH) face additional risk due to the association of advanced age with COVID-19 mortality. Cognitive and functional deficits and social barriers have been identified in cohorts of people aging with HIV. It is postulated that the COVID-19 pandemic potentially threatens PAWH disproportionately to the general population, both in mortality risk due to age and comorbidities, and in potential deleterious effects of policies that seek to drastically limit in-person interaction and access to healthcare systems. A description of and preliminary data from a demonstration project to improve geriatric assessments of people with HIV over age 50 in an urban HIV clinic are presented, in support of this theory. Advice is offered on key strategies utilized to continue to provide care to PAWH during the COVID-19 pandemic, including transition to telemedicine, vaccination, revision of staff roles, repurposing of funding, and a new reliance on available local resources. © 2021 The Author(s).