• Expert consensus statements for the management of COVID-19-related acute respiratory failure using a Delphi method

      Nasa, Prashant; Azoulay, Elie; Khanna, Ashish K; Jain, Ravi; Gupta, Sachin; Javeri, Yash; Juneja, Deven; Rangappa, Pradeep; Sundararajan, Krishnaswamy; Alhazzani, Waleed; et al. (Springer Nature, 2021-03-16)
      Using a Delphi process, an international panel of 39 experts developed clinical practice statements on the respiratory management of C-ARF in areas where evidence is absent or limited. Agreement was defined as achieved when > 70% experts voted for a given option on the Likert scale statement or > 80% voted for a particular option in multiple-choice questions. Stability was assessed between the two concluding rounds for each statement, using the non-parametric Chi-square (χ2) test (p < 0·05 was considered as unstable).