• Lessons to Learn From a Successful Virtual Mock Oral Examination Pilot Experience

      Chaurasia, Avinash R.; Page, Brandi R.; Walker, Amanda J.; Salerno, Kilian; Camphausen, Kevin; Kwok, Young; Bajaj, Gopal K.; Ambrocio, Daisy; Erickson, Delnora (Elsevier BV, 2020-08)
      Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused marked impact on graduate medical education for all medical specialties. Radiation Oncology and the American Board of Radiology have also had to rapidly adapt to converting education and examinations to virtual platforms. We describe our small pilot experience in transitioning our in-person mock oral examinations to a virtual platform. Survey-based assessment revealed excellent feedback regarding ease of use and educational usefulness. Our mock oral examinations pilot experience adds to evidence that virtual mock oral examinations are an important considerationfor Radiation Oncology education and a feasible alternative to an in-person oral examination.