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      Child and adult victimization: Sequelae for female caregivers of high-risk children [1]
      Child healthcare and child well-being: From the past to the future [1]
      Child maltreatment and age of alcohol and marijuana initiation in high-risk youth [1]
      Child Maltreatment and Risky Sexual Behavior: Indirect Effects Through Trauma Symptoms and Substance Use [1]
      Child Maltreatment, Early Adult Substance Use, and Mediation by Adolescent Behavior Problems [1]
      Child Maltreatment, Relationship With Father, Peer Substance Use, and Adolescent Marijuana Use [1]
      Child neglect [1]
      Child neglect: guidance for pediatricians. [1]
      Child neglect: Outcomes in high-risk urban preschoolers [1]
      Child neglect: Relation to child temperament and family context [1]
      Child Neglect: The Inadequate Promotion of Children's Health and Development [1]
      Child Protection Around the World: Similarities and Differences, Advances and Challenges [1]
      Child sexual abuse and exploitation - A global glimpse [1]
      Child Sexual Abuse Evaluations: Adherence to Recommendations [1]
      Child Welfare in the United States: In Theory and Practice [1]
      Childhood abuse and neglect predicts subsequent gastrointestinal symptoms in children: A prospective study [1]
      Childhood Maltreatment, Emotional Distress, and Early Adolescent Sexual Intercourse: Multi-Informant Perspectives on Parental Monitoring [1]
      Childhood neglect: The role of the paediatrician [1]
      Children in kinship care: How do they fare? [1]
      Children who prosper in unfavorable environments: The relationship to social capital [1]