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      Social Withdrawal and Isolation [1]
      Sources of Health Care and Health Needs Among Children in Kinship Care [1]
      Suicidal ideation among 8-year-olds who are maltreated and at risk: Findings from the LONGSCAN studies [1]
      Suicidal ideation in adolescence: Examining the role of recent adverse experiences [1]
      Tackling child neglect: a role for pediatricians. [1]
      Teaching pediatric residents about child maltreatment [2]
      Timing and chronicity of child neglect and substance use in early adulthood [1]
      Training pediatric residents in a primary care clinic to help address psychosocial problems and prevent child maltreatment [1]
      Trajectories of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Self-Reported Health at Age 18 [1]
      Trajectories of Maltreatment Re-Reports From Ages 4 to 12: Evidence for Persistent Risk After Early Exposure [1]
      Type and timing of mothers' victimization: Effects on mothers and children [1]
      Understanding and addressing the "neglect of neglect:" Digging into the molehill [1]
      Unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms after abuse in a prospective study of children at risk for abuse and neglect [1]
      What factors affect the identification and reporting of child abuse-related fractures? [1]
      What Residents Know About Child Abuse: Implications of a Survey of Knowledge and Attitudes [1]
      When Family Drawings Reveal Vulnerabilities and Resilience [1]
      When family drawings reveal vulnerabilities and resilience [2]
      Where's Dad? A need to understand father's role in child maltreatment [1]
      Witnessed violence and youth behavior problems: A multi-informant study [1]
      WPA guidance on the protection and promotion of mental health in children of persons with severe mental disorders [1]