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      Outcomes for children hospitalized with abusive versus noninflicted abdominal trauma [1]
      Parent - youth discordance about youth-witnessed violence: Associations with trauma symptoms and service use in an at-risk sample [1]
      Parenting style and developmental status among children with nonorganic failure to thrive [1]
      Parents' and teachers' concordance with children's self-ratings of suicidality: Findings from a high-risk sample [1]
      Pediatric primary care to help prevent child maltreatment: The safe environment for every kid (SEEK) model [1]
      The Pediatrician and child maltreatment. principles and pointers for Practice [1]
      The Pediatrician's Documentation of Child Maltreatment [1]
      Pediatrician's role in preventing child maltreatment [1]
      Perceptions of neighborhood collective efficacy moderate the impact of maltreatment on aggression [1]
      Physical abuse and neglect of children [1]
      The Physical Health of Children in Kinship Care [1]
      Predictors of substantiated re-reports in a sample of children with initial unsubstantiated reports [1]
      Preschool Children of Adolescent Parents Benefit from Supportive Mother-partner Relationships but not from Three-generation Households [1]
      Preventing child neglect and physical abuse: a role for pediatricians. [1]
      Prevention of child maltreatment: What is known [1]
      Primary care pediatricians' experience, comfort and competence in the evaluation and management of child maltreatment: Do we need child abuse experts? [1]
      A Profile of Kinship Care [1]
      Psychometric Properties of a Self-Report Measure of Neglect during Mid-Adolescence [2]
      Psychometric properties of a youth self-report measure of neglectful behavior by parents [1]
      A randomized clinical trial of home intervention for children with failure to thrive [1]