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      Identifying children at high risk for a child maltreatment report [1]
      Impact of early home intervention on the growth of low-income infants with failure-to-thrive: Infancy through age [1]
      Implementing maternal depression screening: In reply [4] [1]
      Importance of early neglect for childhood aggression [1]
      In Reply [1]
      Incest (Book). [1]
      INFLICTED AND NONINFUCTED INJURIES: Differences in Child and Familial Characteristics [1]
      Internalizing problems: A potential pathway from childhood maltreatment to adolescent smoking [1]
      International aspects of child abuse and neglect [1]
      Introduction [2]
      The involvement of low-income African American fathers in their children's lives, and the barriers they face [1]
      Kinship care: Research and practice issues [2]
      Linking childhood sexual abuse and early adolescent risk behavior: The intervening role of internalizing and externalizing problems [1]
      Linking Mother and Youth Parenting Attitudes: Indirect Effects via Maltreatment, Parent Involvement, and Youth Functioning [1]
      Links between traumatic experiences and expectations about the future in high risk youth [1]
      Longitudinal investigation of the relationship among maternal victimization, depressive symptoms, social support, and children's behavior and development [1]
      Longscan: A consortium for longitudinal studies of maltreatment and the life course of children [1]
      Low-income African American fathers' involvement in children's lives: Implications for practitioners [1]
      Maltreatment's wake: The relationship of maltreatment dimensions to child outcomes [1]
      Maria: stubborn, willful, and always full of energy. [1]