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      Addressing child maltreatment: Helping those on the frontlines [1]
      Addressing Children's Exposure to Violence and the Role of Health Care [1]
      Adverse childhood experiences and child health in early adolescence [1]
      Adverse Childhood Exposures and Reported Child Health at Age 12 [1]
      Adverse experiences and suicidal ideation in adolescence: Exploring the link using the LONGSCAN samples [1]
      Adversity, Maltreatment, and Resilience in Young Children [1]
      African American fathers in low income, urban families: Development, behavior, and home environment of their three-year-old children [1]
      Assessing the cost-effectiveness of Family Connections [1]
      Behavior and development of preschool children born to adolescent mothers: Risk and 3-generation households [1]
      Behavior Problems Among Preschool Children Born to Adolescent Mothers: Effects of Maternal Depression and Perceptions of Partner Relationships [1]
      Behavior problems of children in kinship care [1]
      Behavior Problems of Teens in Kinship Care: Cross-Informant Reports [1]
      Case commentary [1]
      Changes in youth's experiences of child maltreatment across developmental periods in the LONGSCAN consortium [1]
      The changing American family [1]
      Characteristics of Child Maltreatment and Adolescent Marijuana Use: A Prospective Study [1]
      Child abuse and failure to thrive: Individual, familial, and environmental characteristics [1]
      Child abuse and neglect [1]
      Child abuse pediatrics: Research, policy and practice [1]
      Child abuse programs and pediatric residency training [1]