• Behavior Problems of Teens in Kinship Care: Cross-Informant Reports

      Starr, R.H., Jr.; Dubowitz, H.; Harrington, D.; Feigelman, S. (Oxford University Press, 2009)
      This chapter examines the nature of cross-informant reports of behavior programs of teens in kinship care. Specifically, it looks at the behavior problem rating differences between kinship care providers and the youths who are in their care. Cross informants differ in their evaluation of externalizing problems. Caregivers of boys and boys themselves tend to report higher levels of problem behavior than caregivers of girls or girls themselves. The most significant finding is that more than a quarter of caregivers characterized the teenager in their care as having an Externalizing problem, while only nine percent of the youth reported a problem. Copyright 1999 by Oxford University Press, Inc. All rights reserved.