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      Rethinking dopamine as generalized prediction error [1]
      Rethinking the Psychosis Threshold in Clinical High Risk [1]
      Retinal ganglion cell dysfunction in preclinical Alzheimer's disease: an electrophysiologic biomarker signature [1]
      Retinoic Acid Improves the Recovery of Replication-Competent Virus from Latent SIV Infected Cells [1]
      Retinoic receptor signaling regulates hypertrophic chondrocyte-specific gene expression [1]
      A retrospective analysis of bipolar depression treated with transcranial magnetic stimulation [1]
      Retrospective Analysis of Causes and Risk Factors of 30-Day Readmission After Spine Surgery for Thoracolumbar Trauma [1]
      A retrospective cost-analysis of additional homeopathic treatment in Germany: Longterm economic outcomes [1]
      Retrospective Review of Virologic and Immunologic Response in Treatment-Experienced Patients on Third-Line HIV Therapy in Lusaka, Zambia [1]
      Return of Individual Research Results: A Guide for Biomedical Researchers Utilizing Human Biospecimens [1]
      ReVac: a reverse vaccinology computational pipeline for prioritization of prokaryotic protein vaccine candidates [1]
      Reversal of SARS-CoV2-Induced Hypoxia by Nebulized Sodium Ibuprofenate in a Compassionate Use Program [1]
      Reversible blood-brain barrier opening utilizing the membrane active peptide melittin in vitro and in vivo. [1]
      Review of Analyses Estimating Relative Vaccine Effectiveness of Cell-Based Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine in Three Consecutive US Influenza Seasons. [1]
      Review of breast screening: Toward clinical realization of microwave imaging [1]
      A Review of Continuous Glucose Monitoring-Based Composite Metrics for Glycemic Control [1]
      Review of COVID-19 Myocarditis in Competitive Athletes: Legitimate Concern or Fake News? [1]
      Review of Emerging Pharmacotherapy for the Treatment of Coronavirus Disease 2019 [1]
      A Review of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: The Female Perspective [1]
      Review of Lambda Interferons in Hepatitis B Virus Infection: Outcomes and Therapeutic Strategies [1]