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      Pragmatic patient engagement in designing pragmatic oncology clinical trials [1]
      Pragmatic randomised clinical trial of proton versus photon therapy for patients with non-metastatic breast cancer: the Radiotherapy Comparative Effectiveness (RadComp) Consortium trial protocol [1]
      Pre-existing Helicobacter pylori serum IgG enhances the vibriocidal antibody response to CVD 103-HgR live oral cholera vaccine in Malian adults. [1]
      Pre-operative fluid resuscitation in the emergency general surgery septic patient: does it really matter? [1]
      Pre-transplant marital status and hematopoietic cell transplantation outcomes [1]
      A precedented nuclear genetic code with all three termination codons reassigned as sense codons in the syndinean Amoebophrya sp. Ex Karlodinium veneficum [1]
      Precision health: Advancing symptom and self-management science [1]
      Precision medicine and its implementation in patients with NTRK fusion genes: perspective from developing countries [1]
      A Precision Medicine Approach to the Rescue of Function on Malignant Calmodulinopathic Long-QT Syndrome [1]
      Precision Medicine for CRC Patients in the Veteran Population: State-of-the-Art, Challenges and Research Directions [1]
      Preclinical characterization of an intravenous coronavirus 3CL protease inhibitor for the potential treatment of COVID19 [1]
      Preclinical Metrics Correlate With Drug Activity in Phase II Trials of Targeted Therapies for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer [1]
      Predicting factors of depression, antidepressant use and positive response to antidepressants in perinatal and postpartum women [1]
      Predicting if lung cancer will relapse-The role of neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio [1]
      Predicting tissue-specific gene expression from whole blood transcriptome. [1]
      Predicting, preventing, and managing cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease progression in people with type 2 diabetes: How to improve on traditional strategies [1]
      A prediction model based on biomarkers and clinical characteristics for detection of lung cancer in pulmonary nodules [1]
      Prediction of anal cancer recurrence after chemoradiotherapy using quantitative image features extracted from serial18 F-FDG PET/CT [1]
      Prediction of hypofibrinogenemia and thrombocytopenia at the point of care with the Quantra® QPlus® System. [1]
      Predictive biomarkers for response to EGFR-directed monoclonal antibodies for advanced squamous cell lung cancer [1]