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      Optogenetic Blockade of Dopamine Transients Prevents Learning Induced by Changes in Reward Features [1]
      Optogenetic self-stimulation in the nucleus accumbens: D1 reward versus D2 ambivalence [1]
      Oral Calcium Supplements Associate With Serial Coronary Calcification: Insights From Intravascular Ultrasound. [1]
      Oral candidiasis: A disease of opportunity [1]
      Oral Chinese herbal medicine as maintenance treatment after chemotherapy for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis [1]
      Oral health and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: A review [1]
      Oral health knowledge, behavior, and care seeking among pregnant and recently-delivered women in rural Nepal: A qualitative study [1]
      Oral hygiene, prevalence of gingivitis, and associated risk factors among pregnant women in Sarlahi District, Nepal [1]
      The oral microbiome: A Lesson in coexistence [1]
      Oral Polio Vaccine to Protect Against COVID-19: Out of the Box Strategies? [1]
      Oral sedation for pain with cervical dilator placement: a randomized controlled trial [1]
      Oral sex practices among men who have sex with men and transgender women at risk for and living with HIV in Nigeria [1]
      Oral typhoid vaccine Ty21a elicits antigen-specific resident memory CD4+ T cells in the human terminal ileum lamina propria and epithelial compartments [1]
      Orbitofrontal neurons signal reward predictions, not reward prediction errors [1]
      Orbitofrontal neurons signal sensory associations underlying model-based inference in a sensory preconditioning task [1]
      Organizing pneumonia co-existing with carcinoid tumour: complete resolution with bronchoscopic tumour resection [1]
      The Origins and Future of Sentinel: An Early-Warning System for Pandemic Preemption and Response [1]
      Orthodontic force induces nerve injury-like transcriptomic changes driven by TRPV1-expressing afferents in mouse trigeminal ganglia. [1]
      Orthogonal targeting of osteoclasts and myeloma cells for radionuclide stimulated dynamic therapy induces multidimensional cell death pathways [1]
      The Orthopaedic Trauma Service and COVID-19 - Practice Considerations to Optimize Outcomes and Limit Exposure [1]