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      Opioid-galanin receptor heteromers mediate the dopaminergic effects of opioids [1]
      Opioids and Infectious Diseases: A Converging Public Health Crisis [1]
      Opportunities and Challenges in Developing a Controlled Human Infection Model for Testing Antiparasitic Agents [1]
      Opportunities and Challenges in North-South and South-South Global Health Collaborations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The AFREhealth-CUGH Experience (as Reported at the CUGH 2021 Satellite Meeting) [1]
      Opportunities and challenges to integrating mental health into HIV programs in a low- and middle-income country: insights from the Nigeria implementation science Alliance [1]
      Opportunities and challenges with animal models for acute radiation syndrome drug discovery [1]
      Opportunities to implement a sustainable genomic medicine program: lessons learned from the IGNITE Network [1]
      The optic nerve lamina region is a neural progenitor cell niche [1]
      Optical Clearing in the Kidney Reveals Potassium-Mediated Tubule Remodeling [1]
      Optical Recording of Action Potential Initiation and Propagation in Mouse Skeletal Muscle Fibers [1]
      Optimal COVID-19 quarantine and testing strategies. [1]
      Optimal Donor for African Americans with Hematologic Malignancy: HLA-Haploidentical Relative or Umbilical Cord Blood Transplant. [1]
      Optimal Position for Intubation in the ICU: An Uneven Playing Field? [1]
      Optimal serum ferritin level range: iron status measure and inflammatory biomarker [1]
      Optimization of a benzothiazole indolene scaffold targeting bacterial cell wall assembly [1]
      Optimization of duplex velocity criteria for diagnosis of internal carotid artery (ICA) stenosis: A report of the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) Vascular Testing Division Carotid Diagnostic Criteria Committee [1]
      Optimization of osmotic blood-brain barrier opening to enable intravital microscopy studies on drug delivery in mouse cortex [1]
      Optimization of parasite DNA enrichment approaches to generate whole genome sequencing data for Plasmodium falciparum from low parasitaemia samples [1]
      Optimization of RG1-VLP vaccine performance in mice with novel TLR4 agonists [1]
      Optimization of western blotting for the detection of proteins of different molecular weight [1]