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      N 6-Methyladenosine RNA Demethylase FTO Promotes Gastric Cancer Metastasis by Down-Regulating the m6A Methylation of ITGB1 [1]
      A N-(4-chlorophenyl)-γ-amino acid derivatives exerts in vitro anticancer activity on non-small cell lung carcinoma cells and enhances citosine arabinoside (AraC)-induced cell death via mitochondria-targeted pathway [2]
      N-acetyl cysteine administration affects cerebral blood flow as measured by arterial spin labeling MRI in patients with multiple sclerosis [1]
      N-Acetyl-L-leucine improves functional recovery and attenuates cortical cell death and neuroinflammation after traumatic brain injury in mice [1]
      N-acetyl-L-leucine: a promising treatment option for traumatic brain injury. [1]
      N-acetylcysteine in non-acetaminophen-induced acute liver failure: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies. [1]
      N-Terminal Pro–B-Type Natriuretic Peptide in the Emergency Department: The ICON-RELOADED Study [1]
      N6-methyladenosine-induced ERRγ triggers chemoresistance of cancer cells through upregulation of ABCB1 and metabolic reprogramming [1]
      NAD+ Precursors Repair Mitochondrial Function in Diabetes and Prevent Experimental Diabetic Neuropathy [1]
      Nano-assembly of quisinostat and biodegradable macromolecular carrier results in supramolecular complexes with slow-release capabilities [1]
      Nano-structured demineralized human dentin matrix to enhance bone and dental repair and regeneration [1]
      Nanocarrier vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 [1]
      Nanoparticle Delivery in Prostate Tumors Implanted in Mice Facilitated by Either Local or Whole-Body Heating [1]
      Nanoparticle-Based Fluoroionophore for Analysis of Potassium Ion Dynamics in 3D Tissue Models and In Vivo [1]
      Nanostructure-specific X-ray tomography reveals myelin levels, integrity and axon orientations in mouse and human nervous tissue [1]
      Nanotherapy delivery of c-myc inhibitor targets protumor macrophages and preserves antitumor macrophages in breast cancer [1]
      Narcissistic personality disorder: Challenges and therapeutic alliance in primary care [1]
      Nasal Microbiota and Infectious Complications After Elective Surgical Procedures [1]
      Nasal Packing in the Emergency Department: A Practical Review for Emergency Providers [1]
      A Nation-wide Review of Elective Surgery and COVID-Surge Capacity [1]