• Oral Polio Vaccine to Protect Against COVID-19: Out of the Box Strategies?

      Malave Sanchez, Melanie; Saleeb, Paul; Kottilil, Shyam; Mathur, Poonam (Oxford University Press, 2021-07-09)
      The global coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has raised significant concerns of developing rapid, broad strategies to protect the vulnerable population and prevent morbidity and mortality. However, even with an aggressive approach, controlling the pandemic has been challenging, with concerns of emerging variants that likely escape vaccines, nonadherence of social distancing/preventive measures by the public, and challenges in rapid implementation of a global vaccination program that involves mass production, distribution, and execution. In this review, we revisit the utilization of attenuated vaccinations, such as the oral polio vaccine, which are safe, easy to administer, and likely provide cross-protection against respiratory pathogens. We discuss the rationale and data supporting its use and detail description of available vaccines that could be repurposed for curtailing the pandemic.