• Aminophylline shortage and current recommendations for reversal of vasodilator stress: An ASNC information statement endorsed by SCMR

      Abidov, A.; Dilsizian, V.; Doukky, R. (Springer New York LLC, 2019)
      Pharmacologic reversal of serious or intolerable side effects (SISEs) from vasodilator stress is an important safety and comfort measure for patients experiencing such effects. While typically performed using intravenous aminophylline, recurrent shortages of this agent have led to a greater need to limit its use and consider alternative agents. This information statement provides background and recommendations addressing indications for vasodilator reversal, timing of a reversal agent, incidence of observed SISE with vasodilator stress, clinical and logistical considerations for aminophylline-based reversal, and alternative non-aminophylline based reversal protocols. Copyright 2018, The Author(s).