• Cauliflower Mosaic Virus TAV, a Plant Virus Protein That Functions like Ribonuclease H1 and is Cytotoxic to Glioma Cells

      Turri, V.; Latinovic, O.S.; Toyang, N. (Hindawi Limited, 2020)
      Recent comparisons between plant and animal viruses reveal many common principles that underlie how all viruses express their genetic material, amplify their genomes, and link virion assembly with replication. Cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) is not infectious for human beings. Here, we show that CaMV transactivator/viroplasmin protein (TAV) shares sequence similarity with and behaves like the human ribonuclease H1 (RNase H1) in reducing DNA/RNA hybrids detected with S9.6 antibody in HEK293T cells. We showed that TAV is clearly expressed in the cytosol and in the nuclei of transiently transfected human cells, similar to its distribution in plants. TAV also showed remarkable cytotoxic effects in U251 human glioma cells in vitro. These characteristics pave the way for future analysis on the use of the plant virus protein TAV, as an alternative to human RNAse H1 during gene therapy in human cells. Copyright 2020 Valentina Turri et al.