• Building a pipeline of community-engaged researchers: How interdisciplinary translational research training programs can collaborate with their Community Research Advisory Councils

      LaFave, Sarah E; Wallace, Duane J; Grover, Raneitra; Clark, Roger; Marks, Stacey; Lacanienta, Cyd; Evans, Crystal; Kalil, Graziela Z; Ouyang, Pamela; Himmelfarb, Cheryl R; et al. (Cambridge University Press, 2021-07-14)
      Community research advisory councils (C-RAC) bring together community members with interest in research to support design, evaluation, and dissemination of research in the communities they represent. There are few ways for early career researchers, such as TL1 trainees, to develop skills in community-engaged research, and there are limited opportunities for C-RAC members to influence early career researchers. In our novel training collaboration, TL1 trainees presented their research projects to C-RAC members who provided feedback. We present on initial evidence of student learning and summarize lessons learned that TL1 programs and C-RACs can incorporate into future collaborations.