• Abdominal Wall Transplantation: Indications and Outcomes

      Honeyman, Calum; Dolan, Roisin; Stark, Helen; Fries, Charles Anton; Reddy, Srikanth; Allan, Philip; Vrakas, Giorgios; Vaidya, Anil; Dijkstra, Gerard; Hofker, Sijbrand; et al. (Springer Nature, 2020-11-07)
      Purpose of Review: This article aims to review published outcomes associated with full-thickness vascularized abdominal wall transplantation, with particular emphasis on advances in the field in the last 3 years. Recent Findings: Forty-six full-thickness vascularized abdominal wall transplants have been performed in 44 patients worldwide. Approximately 35% of abdominal wall transplant recipients will experience at least one episode of acute rejection in the first year after transplant, compared with rejection rates of 87.8% and 72.7% for hand and face transplant respectively. Recent evidence suggests that combining a skin containing abdominal wall transplant with an intestinal transplant does not appear to increase sensitization or de novo donor-specific antibody formation. Summary: Published data suggests that abdominal wall transplantation is an effective safe solution to achieve primary closure of the abdomen after intestinal or multivisceral transplant. However, better data is needed to confirm observations made and to determine long-term outcomes, requiring standardized data collection and reporting and collaboration between the small number of active transplant centres around the world.