• The Use of Nonnutritive Sweeteners in Children

      Baker-Smith, C.M.; de Ferranti, S.D.; Cochran, W.J.; COMMITTEE ON NUTRITION SECTION ON GASTROENTEROLOGY HEPATOLOGY AND NUTRITION (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2019)
      The prevalence of nonnutritive sweeteners (NNSs) in the food supply has increased over time. Not only are more children and adolescents consuming NNSs, but they are also consuming a larger quantity of NNSs in the absence of strong scientific evidence to refute or support the safety of these agents. This policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics is intended to provide the pediatric provider with a review of (1) previous steps taken for approved use of NNSs, (2) existing data regarding the safety of NNS use in the general pediatric population, (3) what is known regarding the potential benefits and/or adverse effects of NNS use in children and adolescents, (4) identified gaps in existing knowledge and potential areas of future research, and (5) suggested talking points that pediatricians may use when discussing NNS use with families.