• Current practice of stakeholder engagement: researchers' experiences in North America, DACH countries and China.

      Heiß, Anna; Wang, Jiani; Fei, Yutong; Xia, Ruyu; Icke, Katja; Pach, Daniel; Witt, Claudia M (Future Medicine Ltd., 2021-05-06)
      Aim: To explore the current practice of stakeholder engagement in clinical trials and its evaluation in North America (USA and Canada), DACH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and China. Participants & methods: We conducted a web-based, anonymous, international, cross-sectional online survey for clinical researchers. Data were analyzed using descriptive and explorative statistical analysis including analysis of variance and analysis of covariance. Results: Stakeholder engagement is more prominent and higher accepted among researchers in North America. Researchers in DACH countries have less knowledge of the stakeholder engagement method and are less likely to apply it. Conclusion: Stakeholder engagement is perceived very differently among participants from DACH countries, North America and China. For a broader acceptance and implementation institutional support and motivational conditions might be needed.