• Retrospective Review of Virologic and Immunologic Response in Treatment-Experienced Patients on Third-Line HIV Therapy in Lusaka, Zambia

      Zulu, Paul Msanzya; Toeque, Mona-Gekanju; Hachaambwa, Lottie; Chirwa, Lameck; Fwoloshi, Sombo; Siwingwa, Mpanji; Mbewe, Melody; Rosser, Joelle I; Stafford, Kristen A; Lindsay, Brianna; et al. (SAGE Publications, 2021-06-03)
      Established antiretroviral therapy (ART) programs in sub-Saharan Africa have well-defined first-and second-line therapies but no standard third-line ART regimen. The impact of third-line ART on patients with multiclass-resistant HIV in resource-limited settings has not been well characterized. We conducted a retrospective review of patients on third-line ART at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. We assessed virologic and immunologic outcomes following 6 months of third-line therapy and found among those with a documented viral load, viral suppression (≤1000 copies/ml) at 24 weeks was 95% (63/66) with a mean increase in CD4 count of 116 cells/mm3 and viral suppression of 63% (63/100) by imputation of missing data. This study suggests that third-line therapy is clinically and virologically effective among patients with multiclass-resistance in a resource-limited setting in sub-Saharan Africa.