• Unusual Myoid Differentiation in a Canine Benign Mixed Mammary Tumour.

      Brunetti, Barbara; Muscatello, Luisa Vera; DeTolla, Louis J; Avallone, Giancarlo (Hindawi Ltd, 2021-01-23)
      This report describes an unusual mesenchymal differentiation in a canine benign mixed mammary tumour. A 13-year-old crossbreed female dog was submitted to surgery to remove an inguinal mammary nodule. The tumour was composed of mammary epithelium and mesenchymal populations, not only of cartilage and bone but also of myoid cells. PTAH demonstrated cross striation of striated muscle, and immunohistochemistry highlighted striated muscle expressing desmin and calponin, and smooth muscle expressing desmin, SMA, and calponin. The tumour was diagnosed as a benign mixed tumour with leio- and rhabdomyoid differentiation. There was no tumour recurrence after one year of clinical follow-up. In conclusion, the well-differentiated features of leiomyocytes and rhabdomyocytes and the growth pattern define the benign origin of the mesenchymal component, which has been confirmed by a benign outcome; therefore, the knowledge of this kind of differentiation is helpful to avoid misdiagnoses. © 2021 Barbara Brunetti et al.