• Initiation of a Lung Protective Ventilation Strategy in the Emergency Department: Does an Emergency Department-Based ICU Make a Difference?

      Harvey, Carrie E; Haas, Nathan L; Chen, Chiu-Mei; Cranford, James A; Hamera, Joseph A; Havey, Renee A; Tsuchida, Ryan E; Bassin, Benjamin S (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2022-02-08)
      A total of 561 ED visits were included in the analysis, of which 60.0% received some portion of their emergency care in the ED-ICU. Adherence to the LPV strategy was statistically significantly higher in the ED-ICU cohort compared with the pre-ED-ICU cohort (65.8% vs 41.4%; p < 0.001) and non-ED-ICU cohort (65.8% vs 43.1%; p < 0.001). Among the ED-ICU cohort, 92.8% of patients received low tidal volume ventilation. Care in the ED-ICU was also associated with shorter ICU and hospital length of stay. These findings suggest improved patient and resource utilization outcomes for mechanically ventilated ED patients receiving care in an ED-ICU.